FarmHouse near San Marino

Thanks to its history, its artistic beauty and its own culture that not even time has altered, San Marino can be such a small and big country at the same time..
It’s one of the world’s smallest countries, with a statute, Romagna’s typical dialect and some Italian features, though it’s not considered Italian.
You are going to be amazed by its seven castles, medieval feasts , shows and avant-gardes from all over the world.

Free-Landia is located only few kilometers away from San Marino, so if you are eager to discover alleys, churches, monuments, the guards and great panoramas, don’t hesitate and book your holidays in our Agriturismo near Montescudo, you can reach San Marino in few minutes and really enjoy your memorable stay.
Ask our reception, we’ll be glad to help you plan a tour of the Serenissima Republic of San Marino!